Granite Peaks

The Granite Peaks
by Mr. Smith

The Granite Peaks Wear Wrinkles
Ancient Faces Against the Sky,
Looking Down on the Valley
With a Timeless Steady Eye.

That has not Closed for Eons
For the Giants do not Tire,
From the Very Beginning
From the Caveman at his Fire.

To this Inn Beside the Road
Where the Weary Pause to Rest,
When the Ever Faithful Sun
Finds its Haven in the West.

And Paints the Distance Purple
Through the Window of the Room
Till The Moon Lights Up The Cliffs
In The Shadow Where They Loom

Monument to Their Maker
Whom had Brought Us This Great Day,
To this Place Beneath These Cliffs
For this Chance to Get Away.

With a Portion of Their Peace
To Take With Us When We Go,
The Memory of the Moment
In the Rosy Twilght Glow.